Wing of Zock Gets a Hole in One

The Wing of Zock is featured as the “18th Hole” in the first-ever golf-themed Masterful Health Wonk Reviewhosted by Brian Wright’s blog, Wright on Health.

This week’s Health Wonk Review  pays tribute to the Master’s Tournament in Augusta, GA.

Here is the exerpt from the review, which profiled Dr. Joanne Conroy’s April 9 post.

“(Dr. Conroy) explains how health reform could really benefit from having some continuity of leadership at CMS. According to Dr. Conroy, “The “who’s right” of partisan politics gets in the way of what’s right. Our health care system is too important to be a political football. Stable leadership does not remove the input of elected officials. It just makes recruitment of health care leaders to government service and the implementation of sound policy more efficient if you are not playing musical chairs every 18 months.”

Be sure to visit the review to see the  post as well as other posts from health care bloggers!

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  1. Regarding The U of Texas, Beck’s presentation was quite dicterly aimed at the same people the alumni office targets. Mostly retired and very conservative folk, some of whom have made or inherited a lot of money. Any such critique of a U of T scientist could conceivably cost the university a lot of money. The fact that the critique was absurdly wrong is not lost on the alumni office, I expect, but it is not especially relevant to their mission. Even one well-to-do alumnus who is misled by Beck to being angry at the presumably radical extremist climate scientist among the Longhorn faithful could conceivably amount to more institutional funding than I could ever possibly come up with. It may not be fair but that doesn’t make it go away.It’s not just that Beck went after me. It’s that he went after me as a representative of the University. That was not just mortifying for me and embarrassing for the University, it was quite likely financially consequential.