Health Wonk Review: October Surprise Edition

The Wing of Zock is featured in this week’s Health Wonk Review originally posted Oct. 11, 2012 by David E. Williams of the Health Business Blog

We helped close out the review on a high note, with a post from Scott Harris, titled “Make Way for the Little Guy.” Harris highlights the Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN), a small health services research institution that since its development four years ago has explored and engineered new ways of handling a range of conditions, from sleep apnea to aspirin sensitivity. Read below to see the link back to the full post!

“The Uplifting Ending: A Few Optimistic Posts to Conclude”

There’s legislation afoot to reward innovation in HIV drug development. A cure would be nice, no? Market Access Analysts explains.

The little (research) engine that could. Western Connecticut Health Network does a lot with a little in the field of health services research, reports Wing of Zock.

Corporate Wellness Insights notes that Humana and Wal-Mart are teaming up to promote healthy eating and prevent chronic disease.

And InsureBlog has an exclusive interview with medblogger Dr Rob Lamberts about his new venture, Direct Primary Care, and what it means to the future of health care delivery and financing.