Health Wonk Review: Festival of Lights Edition

Wing of Zock is featured in the latest, Chanukah-themed edition of Health Wonk Review posted in full on Henry Stern, LUTCF, CB and Bob Vineyard, CLU‘s InsureBlog.

Soaring in on the Wing of Zock, Dr. Drew Lee (a Fellow at the  American Medical Student Association) examines a proposed $10 million cut in funding for graduate medical education.

Lee writes,

With the proposed 10-year, $10 billion graduate medical education (GME) funding cuts that are on the horizon — through Congressional efforts or automatically via sequestration — I cannot help but wonder what it’ll mean for residency programs, medicine, and primary care in this country. First, the proposed GME funding cuts could eliminate 33 percent of residency positions, forcing many medical school graduates to put their training on hold or seek alternative sources of funding to complete their graduate medical education.

Chanukah, which begins Saturday night, isn’t quite about a can of oil lasting eight days, but really the story about liberation triumphing over intolerance. Stern and Vineyard “celebrate” this week’s best #hcsm posts as well as some interesting ways Chanukah is celebrated around the world. Be sure to check out the full edition of Health Wonk Review posted in the links above, as well as the full edition of Lee’s post on the Wing of Zock!