Review #meded Apps with @Happtique, @aamctoday

By Sarah Sonies

The Association of American Medical Colleges has partnered with Happtique to serve as the content review partner for the Happtique Health App Certification Program (HACP).  As part of this partnership, the AAMC is seeking content experts to review medical education apps that have been submitted for certification.

Content reviewer positions are open to trained physicians in all medical specialties and disciplines; those with technology, informatics, and app development or deployment experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

Two content reviewers will be assigned to each app to render a pass or fail decision for certification.  Reviewers will be paid a stipend for each completed app review.

Happtique was created by the venture arm of the Greater New York Hospital Association as a place to create customized app stores for hospitals and health institutions. Early on, many health institutions indicated a need for navigating the app market to find credible, high-quality apps that could be used in delivery settings.

According to the Happtique website,  the HACP Standards and Associated Performance Requirements were developed under the direction of a blue-ribbon panel composed of recognized leaders in mHealth, health care technology, health care certification and accreditation programs, and patient advocacy, along with input from health care and information technology organizations, and representatives of key federal agencies. The end result was four sets of certification standards and performance requirements that would be used to assess an app’s value: privacy, security, operability, and content.

“(The AAMC) had the opportunity to help Happtique in crafting the content standards geared towards medical education by adapting submission standards from MedEdPORTAL,” says Michael Saleh, AAMC senior specialist in business development. “Happtique opened the standards for public comment, and once finalized, released them earlier this year.”

According to Saleh, the AAMC is in the process of completing beta testing and Happtique aims to officially open the app submission process next week. To learn more about the program or sign-up as a content expert reviewer, please visit:

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  1. Moving forward with a certification process for these med-based apps is such a good thing, and a vital one at that. It’s really a necessity in my opinion if ‘mobile’ is going to affect the medical field the way we all hope and know it can.