Learning Communities: Providing the Road Maps to Navigate Medical School

The Wing of Zock staff recently sat down with Meg Keeley, MD, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, to discuss learning communities and the beneficial role they can play for medical school students.

Learning communities have existed for many years at colleges and universities, but are a relatively new phenomenon in medical schools.  By dividing larger classes into more intimate groups, as well as adding supports, these communities help students make meaningful connections with faculty and peers, and improve the quality of the learning experience.

There are a variety of learning community models, including curricular, wellness, and advising. Many medical schools are moving toward a hybrid model that combines clinical learning, advising, and social components (think of the Hogwarts Houses in the Harry Potter series).

In this video blog post, Dr. Keeley shares her views on how learning communities can be integrated into the changing world of academic medicine and tells us about the Learning Communities Institute (LCI), a professional group supporting all of the different learning communities at med schools across the United States.

To learn more about learning communities and the work of the LCI, please visit them on Facebook here.