How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain HIT Professionals

By Gabe Bendana 

stock photoAccording to the bureau of labor statistics, employment of health information technicians is expected to increase  21 percent by 2020. With the increased demand,  healthcare employers are faced with the constant challenge of how to recruit, hire, and retain qualified HIT professionals.

One of the best ways to recruit qualified candidates is by building relationships with local colleges that offer HIT programs. Healthcare organizations can offer HIT students an internship program which may then lead to full time employment. In addition, some hospitals already have three-to-six month apprenticeship programs that recruits current  employees that exhibit  traits such as excellent customer service, a positive attitude and attention to detail. These current employees are then trained  for the technical skills needed  in health information technology.

When looking to hire new employees, larger hospitals usually have a bigger budget to work with and can offer them a better salary and benefits package. In order to compete with those offers, smaller companies must  have a unique value proposition, something  that makes them an attractive place to work. For example, having a purpose that  people understand and can become passionate about, offering alternative work arrangements, and having strong training programs.

In order to retain quality employees, companies must think beyond competitive salaries and benefits to make the employee feel connected to the organization’s mission. For example,  allowing time off for work-life balance, having a positive  reputation for giving back to the local  community, and treating people fairly. Furthermore, companies should continue to provide employees with training that leads to upward mobility within the organization.

In summary, to fill the current gap in qualified candidates companies must start building relationships with schools that offer HIT programs to recruit new graduates. Qualified HIT employee’s are looking for organizations with a unique value proposition in addition to offering competitive salaries. Finally, employee’s are more likely to stay loyal to the company when they are passionate about working for the organization and can envision a positive future.

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