#DIHI2013 Highlights AMCs as Essential to Health Care Innovation

In his remarks at the Summit on Transformative Innovation in Health Care, commemorating the launch of the Duke Institute on Health Innovation, Brookings’s Mark McClellan reviewed the current state of U.S. health care and opportunities for innovation. Those opportunities come with a new approach, one that aligns care reforms with financing. Financing and regulation must be changed through policy reform to support care reforms, with accountability for improved outcomes and lower costs.

“Real health care reform happens when doctors and their patients make different decisions about care, not by government and politicians but by practitioners,” McClellan said.

In his introduction to DIHI and its mission, Victor Dzau, MD, chancellor for health affairs at Duke and president and CEO of the Duke University Health System, used such words as “innovative, transformative, bold, outside the box.” The institute is positioned to bring together the vast resources of Duke Medicine and its regional and international partners in pursuit of goals in four major areas: implementation and delivery, technology, leadership and workforce development, and applied health policy. He exhorted the audience, “Let the change begin!”

During a panel discussion, Princeton economics professor Uwe Reinhardt noted that academic medical centers are uniquely positioned to foster health care innovation, both because the triple mission brings the necessary elements and because AMCs are credible and highly trusted by the public. He also noted that market forces against health care reform are in retreat.