Stanford #MedX to Take On #MedEd with New Academy Initiative

By Jennifer J. Salopek

In an announcement at Stanford Medicine X this morning, conference director Larry Chu, MD, revealed his plans to launch The MedX Academy, a multi-prong initiative aimed at disrupting medical education in much the same way that Medicine X attempts to disrupt the patient–provider relationship. Its goals:

  • Make content accessible.
  • Learn together and from each other.
  • Start earlier.

“We are focusing on medical education in order to disrupt earlier in the process. We need to reach the health care team before they become too entrenched in old ideas,” Chu said in an interview. (This year’s Medicine X welcomed 100 high school students who are interested in health care professions.)


The Academy is composed of two parts: a virtual classroom that utilizes a MOOC (massive open online courses) format; and an in-person conference that will precede and complement Medicine X 2015 (September 25-27). The first MOOC, “Engage and Empower Me,” a patient design course, will launch Monday through Stanford Online. Courses will not confer CME or GME credit, although patients will be able to earn a Stanford MedX certificate by completing a prescribed curriculum. Chu says that his eventual hope is to provide curriculum for health care providers as well.

The conference, Medicine X ED, aims to take a look at the future of medical education. “The goal is to identify and address the gaps and entrenched thinking in medical school curriculum that are holding us back, in terms of advancing innovation, advancing clinical practice to be more patient-centered, participatory medicine, and shared decision making,” Chu says.

Chu’s plans for conference content include the use of technology in medical education, patient safety, cultural competence, cost awareness, and engaging underserved populations. MedX’s overarching philosophy is to involve all stakeholders:

“Education is not something only experts can do,” says Chu.

Jennifer SalopekJennifer J. Salopek is founding editor of Wing of Zock. She can be reached at