Wing of Zock “Chart Review” Blog Carnival, March 2015 Edition

By Jennifer J. Salopek

chart_review (2)As we await a thaw here in the mid-Atlantic, we’re enjoying exploring the academic medicine blogosphere. Much of interest was published in February; each post raises and attempts to answer a thought-provoking question. We have summarized them here for your reading pleasure.

“Is Leadership a Physician Competency?” wonders Associate Dean Anthony Sanfilippo on the Queen’s University Undergraduate School of Medicine Blog. Does the term leader denote an assumption of authority or superiority? Leadership shares many attributes with resiliency, a characteristic we want to see in our students. A handy chart shows how those attributes can be applied to patient care.

On Stanford Medical School’s Scope blog, second-year student Hamsika Chandresekar wonders whether “graduating not only with an MD but a string of additional achievements is the baseline expectation for med students” in her post, “’Just’ Medical School.”

In “Putting A New Spin on Healthcare Culture,” Educate the Young editor Tracy Granzyk asks, “What will you commit to doing in the next year to improve health care?” A worthy question for all of us to consider.

How do you address patients and families whose full code status seems to be at odds with their state of health and their potential for recovery? Blogger JeffreyMD recounts his own experiences with these difficult situations in “Code Status.”

Newlywed and first-year medical student Brent Schnipke offers “Marriage in Medical School: A Memoir” on the Student Doctor Network Blog. He reveals that he and his fiancée felt much trepidation about getting married one month before he began med school, having heard multiple “horror stories.” But from the perspective of seven months of experience, Schnipke already has gained much wisdom that he shares with readers.

How do Penn undergraduates fare when applying to medical school? There are no magic numbers, but there are statistics! See “Medical School Admission – By the Numbers” on the Career Services Blog from  the University of Pennsylvania to learn more.

Other thought-provoking questions asked and answered in February:

  • What really motivates people to apply to – and stick with – medical school? One student recounts her experience in “Finding Inspiration” on Transforming Medicine, the University of South Carolina Greenville School of Medicine blog.
  • How do you find your true calling in medicine – and remain true to your values and ideals? See “Reflections on the Years of Medical School” on Medical Matins, an anonymous blog by a Catholic medical student.
  • How will you respond when an attending physician directs an abusive, racist, or sexist remark your way? Check out “You’re Full of It” on Mothers in Medicine.

Chart Review is a monthly roundup of posts from blogs about academic medicine, whether from the perspective of student, resident, faculty member, dean, or administrator. Medical schools and teaching hospitals provide fertile ground for innovative responses to health care challenges. We are pleased to highlight some of the best here, and hope you will send us your favorites as well. As always, we encourage cross-posting.