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Wing of Zock was created to be the online community of choice for faculty, residents, students, and executives at medical schools and teaching hospitals. Through a blog format, we hope to provide a venue for practitioners of academic medicine to share success stories; and to help academic medical centers (AMCs) prepare for health care transformation by sharing best practices. We will highlight innovations in clinical care, community engagement, medical information, technology and more. It is our goal to create an open community of learning that features idea sharing, communication, and robust discussion.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,

    My name is Richard Taylor and I am contacting you from FindTheBest, a consumer advocate, unbiased comparison engine. I was looking over your blog Wing of Zock and was really interested and informed by your great articles. At FindTheBest we are continually looking for ways to better our website, and recently we launched a comprehensive health comparisons tool, including hospitals, healthcare, elder care, women’s health, and many more. May I send you the link and would you respond with any feedback.

    Also, FindTheBest has a comprehensive list of blogs and we would love to add Wing of Zock to the list for free. Let me know if would be interested in being added. Thanks so much for your time.

    Enjoy the day,

    Richard Taylor

  2. This is an important forum to exchange transformational ideas as health care reform impacts our diverse ethnic medical communities.
    One of the monumental challenges for Medicine in the 21st Century is Parity in Multi-Cultural Medicine. This is addressed very well by Dr. Butler in his Presidential Address at the Baylor College of Medicine in 2000. He concludes that we ( AMC and medical schools) must continue to struggle towards a climate in medicine that accurately parallels the diversity of our society.

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