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The System Under Stress: Testing the Physician-Patient Relationship

By Sagar Patel, MD; Arush Singh, MD; and Sachin H. Jain, MD Authors’ Note: This piece focuses on the VA Health Care System.  Thousands of medical students and residents rotate to the VA and as such it is one of … Continue reading

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People, Not Just Institutions, Can Be Hubs of Innovation

By Jennifer J. Salopek Kieran Murphy, MD, is an interventional radiologist at the University of Toronto who holds 62 patents; the devices he invented or improved are used more than 62,000 times per year. Murphy, who believes that interventional radiology … Continue reading

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Health Wonk Review: Polar Vortex Edition, July 2014

Okay, so the vaunted summer polar vortex didn’t exactly bring the expected plummeting temperatures this week, but at least the oppressive humidity is lessened. Along with that refreshing change, some fresh thoughts from our Health Wonkers: Over at InsureBlog, Henry … Continue reading

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Trustees Can Improve Diversity Stewardship in Higher Education

By Marc A. Nivet and Anne C. Berlin Originally posted June 5, 2014 Often the discourse on the role of boards in diversity leadership begins and ends with board composition. This is still an important cause, as it brings broad … Continue reading

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Tackling Misperceptions About Med Student Debt

By Julie Fresne I read with interest the recent Wing of Zock posting, “It’s Time for Innovation in How We Pay for Medical School.” While I’m encouraged that this post addressed the important topic of medical education cost and debt, … Continue reading

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From “Patient-Centered” to “Relationship-Centered” Care at Cleveland Clinic

In the June 2014 issue of Harvard Business Review, Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove and co-author Thomas H. Lee wrote that, to engage doctors in the health care revolution, we must start with their relationship with patients. “[G]et physicians thinking about … Continue reading

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Physician Filmmaker Documents One of America’s Busiest ERs in Code Black

By Sarah Sonies There are few places of such constant drama and excitement as a hospital emergency room. Crowded with patients awaiting urgent care, Los Angeles County Hospital’s ER is one of the busiest. Code Black, a documentary directed by … Continue reading

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Wing of Zock “Chart Review” Blog Carnival, July 2014 Edition

By Sarah Sonies Summer has (finally!) arrived and this Chart Review is a scorcher. Baltimore to Beijing: Adventures in Global Health Careexplores academic medicine’s commitment to community health at home and abroad in a profile of partner institution Fundación Santa … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Innovation in How We Pay for Medical School

By Joanne Conroy, MD There is a tremendous amount of handwringing among students, workforce researchers, and medical school deans about the record amount of debt that medical students incur—more than $175,000, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. This … Continue reading

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A Letter to Myself, Future Resident, on Dealing with Myself, Current Medical Student

Originally posted May 5, 2014 By Lindsay Heuser Dear (future) self, I imagine that you’re busy right now. Like really busy. Like the coffee-driven, adrenaline-fueled, sleep-deprived kind of busy that you experienced to a lesser degree in medical school except … Continue reading

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