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Aditazz’s Big Idea: Innovate Hospital Design to Lower Health Care Costs

By Susan Xu Do you know how many steps a nurse walks every day in your hospital? How many trauma cases happened on the highway near your hospital in the past 10 years? How about the demographic trends or disease … Continue reading

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Rebooting Primary Care from the Bottom Up

Originally posted on April 16, 2014 By ZDOGG MD For the better part of a decade, I practiced inpatient hospital medicine at a large academic center (the name isn’t important, but it rhymes with Afghanistan…ford). I used to play a game with … Continue reading

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What Do Millennials Want from the Health Care System?

Originally posted on March 18, 2014 By PAUL KECKLEY The 18-34 year old segment of our population is large, growing and important in our society. They are 80 million strong. Their attitudes, beliefs, values and actions are re-shaping the way every … Continue reading

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Ask Me One More Time

Originally posted April 8, 2014 By Nandita Singh I woke up like this: “There is no such thing as the perfect score.” “But the average MCAT score at my dream school is a 38.” “If you have more than one C … Continue reading

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Rice Students Refine Their Design Solutions to Health Care Problems

Second in a series By Jennifer J. Salopek Last month, I reported on an innovative undergraduate English course at Rice University that introduces medical students to design thinking and inspires them to apply its principles to health care problems. I … Continue reading

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NephMadness: An Experiment in #MedEd and #HCSM

By Joel Topf, MD Social media is proliferating. More and more of our real-life experiences are being enhanced by social apps. We tweet about sports and entertainment; Instagram our meals; and announce our relationships, births, and deaths on Facebook. Social … Continue reading

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Physician Accounts from the Front Lines of the Syrian Conflict

By Coleen Kivlahan, MD Physician colleagues and their hospitals have been the targets of direct attacks during the past three years in Syria. According to UN war crimes investigators, Syrian forces have deliberately targeted hospitals, attacked field hospitals, and prevented … Continue reading

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How to Build a Health Care System from Scratch: Revisiting New Orleans Ten Years Post-Katrina

By Ulfat Shaikh, MD Originally posted March 24, 2013 on Pulse. “My friend was a neurologist at a hospital in New Orleans”, my daughter’s art teacher told me when we were chatting at pick-up time about my upcoming trip to … Continue reading

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Medical–Legal Partnership Builds a Culture of Upstream Advocacy

Originally posted on March 13, 2014 By Elizabeth Tobin Tyler, JD and Edward Paul, MD Sometimes the screening questions a doctor most needs to ask her patients are not the ones she has traditionally been taught to use. During a recent visit, Dr. … Continue reading

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Of Billionaires, Jellyfish, and Pond Scum: What Really Matters in the Debate Over the Future of Research

By Ann Bonham, PhD On March 15, 2014, The New York Times Sunday edition published a front page story by William J. Broad,“Billionaires with Big Ideas Are Privatizing American Science.”The piece drew nearly 500 comments on the Times’ website in … Continue reading

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