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Inhabiting Graphic Medicine’s “Spaces of Care”

By Lorenzo Servitje

As I sat and typed my notes on a presentation at the 6th International Comics and Medicine Conference, I looked around to observe other attendees’ note-taking. What is perhaps most striking about attending this conference as contrasted with most other academic and professional conferences, is how people are taking notes. Continue reading Inhabiting Graphic Medicine’s “Spaces of Care”

Top 10 Posts of 2013

In case you missed them, here is a roundup of our Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2013:

pattern_anlysis1. Proposed U.S. Allopathic and Medical Schools, by James E. Lewis, Ph.D.

???2. Matching the Unmatched: The Role of the Medical Student Career Advisor, by Marlene Welch, M.D.

3. The Primary Care Shibboleth: Debunking the Myth, by Robert E. Harbaugh, M.D. (cross-post)

Procrastinating4. Meet Our New Cartoonist: Dalya Munves

Bonham Ann5. How Will We Treat This Generation’s Henrietta Lacks? by Ann Bonham, Ph.D.

6. Health Wonk Review: Rhetorical Question Edition, by Sarah Sonies and Jennifer Salopek

Low Res Gloria Ohmart, Ed.D., MN, APRN, Assoc Dean, Simulations7. Empowered Nurse Advocates Build Effective Patient-Centered Care Teams, by Gloria Ohmart, Ed.D, MN, APRN

brainstorms8. Time’s Brill Persuasive but “Bitter Pill” Misdiagnoses Health Care Ills, by Joanne Conroy, M.D.

socialized_medicine9. Five Topics I Avoid as a Social Physician, by Bryan Vartabedian, M.D.

10. Assessing Med School Applicants’ Digital Footprints, by Bryan Vartabedian, M.D.