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New HAC Payment Penalty on the Horizon: Are Teaching Hospitals Prepared?

By Scott Wetzel One of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)’s main goals is to shift providers from a fee-for-service system to one that pays for performance. In October of 2014, the ACA’s third and final hospital pay-for-performance quality program will … Continue reading

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Involve Pre-Med Students in Quality and Safety

By Kevin Wang In 2009, leaders in the field of patient safety wrote about the need for physician leadership in quality and safety. They lamented a limited talent pool, insufficient training, and limited formal roles in medical schools as compared … Continue reading

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Addressing Medication Errors Through Education and Assessment

By Senthil Kumar Rajasekaran, David Nierenberg, Simon Maxwell, and Kelly Karpa Prescribing is a fundamental part of the work of new residents, who write and review many prescriptions each day. It is a complex task requiring knowledge of medicines and … Continue reading

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Quality Improvement Training Need Not Wait for Residency

By Scott Harris When you think of quality improvement in a medical education context, usually that means residency and other phases of graduate medical education (GME). Though there are programs rooted in medical school, usually they are introductory in nature, … Continue reading

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Remembering Those Lost to Medical Harm at #TPSER9

By Tracy Granzyk Originally posted on Educate the Young on August 5, 2013                     A Day 3 tradition during the Telluride Patient Safety Educational Roundtable & Student/Resident Summer Camps has been … Continue reading

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Want to Be a PCORI-Funded Researcher?

Originally posted May 20, 2013 Our second year of patient-centered comparative effectiveness research funding kicked off May 15 with the release of five updated PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs). In this first of three rounds of funding we plan through these announcements, we aim to … Continue reading

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OPPE, FPPE, MOC, MOL …. Slurping the Alphabet Soup of Physician Assessment

Originally posted May 4, 2013 By Ulfat Shaikh, MD A couple of months ago I drove past fertile vineyards and took in the not-so-sweet scent of dairy farms, en route to a small community hospital in California’s Central Valley. I had … Continue reading

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The Inspiration Behind this Disturbing Picture of Black American Health Insurance

By Alex Hillsberg Infographic authored by Alex Hillsberg and Julia Trello This infographic is a confluence of earlier projects done on African Americans. Black History month, celebrated in February of each year, was the catalyst that brought this all together. … Continue reading

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Innovative Mass. Alliance Initiative Is a “CARe”ing Way to Respond to Medical Errors

By Jennifer J. Salopek “Suing is a patient’s last resort when they don’t get the attention they deserve, but it also doesn’t really get them what they want in the event of a medical error,” says Evan Benjamin, MD. “Doctors … Continue reading

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Reducing Readmissions: Can We Do It?

By Jason Lightbody It’s easy to say we need to reduce readmission rates, but the real question is, How do we do it? With changes to Medicare reimbursements looming, it’s increasingly important for institutions to do their best to improve … Continue reading

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