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Public Health and the Freshman Fifteen

By Christine Hunter, MD For many young adults, the college “freshman fifteen” marks the beginning of a lifelong struggle to balance calorie intake with activity level. Long days of studying are punctuated by trips to the dining hall to socialize … Continue reading

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“Practical Playbook” Initiative Heralds A New Era for Population Health

By Jennifer J. Salopek A new initiative being launched today will usher in a new era for population health, whose progress historically has been stymied by multiple stakeholders who don’t communicate, using a variety of unvalidated models. This initiative, A … Continue reading

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Top 10 Posts of 2013

In case you missed them, here is a roundup of our Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2013: 1. Proposed U.S. Allopathic and Medical Schools, by James E. Lewis, Ph.D. 2. Matching the Unmatched: The Role of the Medical Student Career Advisor, … Continue reading

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Ahead of the Curve: Making the Move to PAs and NPs

By Michael J. Dill AAMC’s Center for Workforce Studies recently published its study, “Survey Shows Consumers Open to a Greater Role for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners” in Health Affairs. With rapidly rising health care demand in the United States … Continue reading

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Will Technology Make Primary Care Doctors “Whole?”

By James E. Lewis, Ph.D. My July column focused on what I see as the adverse effects of academic medical faculty practice fund flows on primary care training and on academic and community primary care practice. I used the phrase … Continue reading

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Do Academic Medical Practice Financial Structures Inhibit Primary Care Training and Practice?

By James E. Lewis, Ph.D.  Peer-reviewed literature, blogs, the popular media, and professional medical meetings are replete with pleas, complaints, laments, and even some good ideas about primary care medicine. How to deliver it, where to deliver it, and what … Continue reading

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Revitalizing and Growing Primary Care

Originally posted June 12, 2013 In my last blog I addressed the need to create a culture of health in communities across America as one of five key actions that will help achieve the Triple Aim of better health, better care and … Continue reading

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Medical Schools’ Efforts to Address Primary Care Needs

By Casey Tilton According to the results of the AAMC’s Center for Workforce Studies 2012 Medical School Enrollment Survey, the nation is on track for a 30 percent increase in medical school enrollment by 2017. This increase is due in … Continue reading

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Fireside GChats: $11B Cut in Residency Funding

by Adrianna McIntyre and Karan Chhabra In addition to reading about, blogging about, and—at least in Adrianna’s case—formally studying health policy, the two of us sometimes actually chat about it, too. We want to try something new: “Fireside Gchats” will be a space … Continue reading

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Warren Alpert Medical School New Dual-Degree Program is Designed to Address Primary Care Needs

By Sarah Sonies Leaders at the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University have recognized the need  not only to educate more primary care doctors, but also to provide a diverse medical curriculum to enhance and emphasize active learning models. … Continue reading

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