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Wash U SOM Grads Issue Second Edition of Health Care Handbook

By Jennifer J. Salopek While they were medical students at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Elisabeth Askin and Nathan Moore noticed that the curriculum didn’t include much information about the health care system overall—perhaps an hour-long lecture … Continue reading

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Notes from the #Hotspotters: Identifying Our Personal Resources

By Tricia Olaes Originally published November 4, 2014 The 2014 Hotspotting Mini-Grant Project gives health professional students an unprecedented hands-on opportunity to practice an innovative model of care delivery called hotspotting. Hotspotters identify health care super-utilizers —  people who are admitted to … Continue reading

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Tackling Misperceptions About Med Student Debt

By Julie Fresne I read with interest the recent Wing of Zock posting, “It’s Time for Innovation in How We Pay for Medical School.” While I’m encouraged that this post addressed the important topic of medical education cost and debt, … Continue reading

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Train the Next Generation of Doctors to Take Housing and Hunger Vital Signs

By Megan Sandel, MD, MPH Early in my residency, a young girl was hospitalized in the intensive care unit for a severe asthma attack. We were puzzled; her asthma was previously well controlled. But a single piece of vital information … Continue reading

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Resident Physicians Serve as Educators in Bronx Community Outreach Program

By Sarah Sonies Among New York State counties, the Bronx has some of the poorest health outcomes. National data show that the Bronx lags behind in areas such as childhood obesity, pediatric asthma, and overall pediatric health. The commonality of … Continue reading

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Public Health and the Freshman Fifteen

By Christine Hunter, MD For many young adults, the college “freshman fifteen” marks the beginning of a lifelong struggle to balance calorie intake with activity level. Long days of studying are punctuated by trips to the dining hall to socialize … Continue reading

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“Practical Playbook” Initiative Heralds A New Era for Population Health

By Jennifer J. Salopek A new initiative being launched today will usher in a new era for population health, whose progress historically has been stymied by multiple stakeholders who don’t communicate, using a variety of unvalidated models. This initiative, A … Continue reading

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Top 10 Posts of 2013

In case you missed them, here is a roundup of our Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2013: 1. Proposed U.S. Allopathic and Medical Schools, by James E. Lewis, Ph.D. 2. Matching the Unmatched: The Role of the Medical Student Career Advisor, … Continue reading

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